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Birthdate:May 28
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I think, therefore, I slash. My mind is constantly doing things to movies, tv, books, you name it. But this is a hobby, a relaxing game in the writing arts, and my real passion is Politics.
Oddly, that doesn't extend to fandom politics. I loathe them, but have on occasion been dragged kicking and howling into them. I like to think I've been good these past couple of years, and play in my own muddy, often graphic puddles of twisted plot.
Fandom wise, it's everything. I'm a fandom whore. If it appeals to me, I'm there. And if it doesn't, I'll wander off. I'm currently involved in SGA and CSI fandom, but fiddle where I prefer and do what I like best.
I co-write with [personal profile] tzi and [personal profile] perryvic, and I occasionally kick around some sick ideas with [personal profile] whizzy and [profile] googlebrat. I'm part of Arolos Weyr (Update journal is here: [profile] arolos), which is the most impressively frightening Pern PBEm RPG in existance. I *heart* my Fixer and Small Fuzzy.

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